1948 Society

1948 Society

The 1948 Society, named in honor of the year that St. John Fisher University received its charter, recognizes individuals who have named the University as a beneficiary of a planned future gift.

Founded in 2005 with 12 pioneer members, the Society’s long roster of more than 100 members reflects the strength of the future of our institution. As a member you will be invited to special events throughout the year and receive updates from the University.

We welcome your membership in the 1948 Society. Please contact us if you have named St. John Fisher University in a bequest or other estate plan or if you would like learn more about remembering Fisher in your planning.

1948 Society Photo

You may also complete the Gift Intention form to make us aware of your plans.

Your membership in the 1948 Society will leave a lasting impact on the University, and we would like to share the appropriate recognition for your generosity.

Contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (585) 385-7337 or tdoupe@sjf.edu for more information on planned giving and the 1948 Society.

1948 Society Members

Vincent J. Alfieri, Jr. ’55

Ron Ange

Gerard G. Antetomaso, Esq.’84

Gerald J. Archibald ’74

James P. Barone, Esq. ’76

Steven W. Barnstead, Esq. ’84

Susan M. Barnstead

Lawrence J. Bicucci ’72

Dr. Thomas A. Bonfiglio ’64

Lawrence J. Briggs ’55

James R. Brown, Esq. ’68

Marcia W. Calabrese

Carolyn Canzano

Peter J. Canzano ’55

Richard F. Casey ’59

William J. Clair ’57

Michael A. Colliflower, Esq. ’76

Leon J. Creek ’60 †

Dr. John C. Crowley ’63

Fred A. Curran ‘66

William A. Doty III ’68

Robert F. Dumas ’74

Theresa Dumas

Gerald C. Eckert ’67

Susan C. Eckert

Dr. C. McCollister Evarts

Edward P. Finnerty, Esq. ’73

Joseph V. Fischer ’63

James W. Gallagher ’56

Anne R. Geer

David C. Glossner ’60

Dr. W. Bruce Gorman ’69

James P. Growney ’66

Anthony L. Gugino ’79

Dale J. Haefner ’74

Paul E. Haney ’63 †

Dr. Henry Hess ’64

Walter B.D. Hickey, Jr.

Alan Hilfiker, Esq.

Thomas B. Hogan, Jr. ’67

Frank B. Iacovangelo, Esq. ’62

Jean Iacovangelo

Cathy Chartrand Joslun ’98

Thomas P. Joslun

Kevin J. Kamholtz ’70

Stephen M. Kelley, Esq. ’88

Susan S. Kelley

Cynthia E. Kesselring

Leo J. Kesselring, Esq. ’55

David A. Kinsky ’62

Jill R. Knittel ’94, ’03 (MBA)

Dr. Craig M. Kubik ’80

Allegra Lavoie ’94

Dennis J. Lavoie ’77

John C. Lynd ’62

Gerald E. Madden ’62

James A. Maiorana ’68

Helen J. Mallory

Richard D. Mallory ’82

Kenneth J. Mangan ’56

Barbara W. Marcellus ’02

James A. McCarthy ‘72

Mary McCarthy

Paul H. McCarthy ’62

Claire F. McCormack

Richard W. McGrath ’75

Daniel M. Meyers ’71

E. Robert Moline ’68

Susan Moline

Paul E. Mura, Esq.’60

Dr. Francis M. Murphy ’69

Lisa H. Murphy

David R. Ocorr

Martin F. Palumbos ’69

Dr. Anthony F. Panzetta ’56

Dominic C. Piazza ’60

Dr. Joseph A. Polizzi ’60

James R. Reis ’79

Nathan J. Robfogel, Esq.

Judith A. Ross ’90

Dr. Robert E. Ross ’61

James D. Ryan

Joan Ryan

Joanne B. Schmidt

Paul B. Schmidt ’58

Janet E. Scinto

Dr. Leonard F. M. Scinto ’68

Keith R. Senglaub ’81

Michelle R. LaDuke Senglaub ’84

Dr. James Seward

Ivette Shaheen

William G. Shaheen ‘76

John A. Sinclair ’96

R. James Stanton ’78

Anthony J. Stortini

Dr. Mark J. Szarejko ’80

Denise D. Tepas

Dennis P. Tepas ’72

Margaret Trevett

Thomas N. Trevett, Esq. ’64

Dr. Robert J. Tuite, Sr. ’56

Louis A. VanParys ’64

Gerald E. VanStrydonck ’66

Dr. Gennaro J. Vasile ’67

William H. Waldorf ‘60

† indicates member is deceased