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Meet Our Donors

We are thankful for those who have made an estate gift to St. John Fisher University. Here are their stories.

Cathy Chartrand Joslun '98 and Thomas P. Joslun, Jr.

"St. John Fisher University is an important part of my life story. I will always remember what it meant to me to receive a scholarship at a time I needed it the most."

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John Sinclair '96

"As a second generation owner of our family business, I felt it was important to give back to one of the biggest positive influences on my professional development."

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Peter E. Trabold '56

"Setting up a charitable annuity trust was, for me, the best way to say 'thank you' to St. John Fisher University for all that the school had done for me."

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Jerry Antetomaso ’84

"Providing for the next generation of students and being a part of the University’s continuing mission are important to me and my family."

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Dave Glossner '60

"Fisher is in my blood. Both my brother and daughter are alumni, and we have all benefited from our time at the University. I feel it’s important to give back and wanted to make smart choices that will be good for students today and down the road as well."

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Michelle R. LaDuke-Senglaub ’84 and Keith R. Senglaub ’81

"There are many reasons why we chose to remember Fisher when planning our estate."

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Anthony L. Gugino '79

"The friendships that I made during my years at Fisher are my closest friends today. I feel very fortunate that I am able to give back to Fisher as a small token of my appreciation."

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Allegra '94 and Dennis Lavoie '77

"When my mother passed away, I knew that I wanted to honor her memory and the profession she loved so much."

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James Growney

"Success will follow if you observe these fundamental principles: 1. Character counts; 2. Envy no one; 3. Family and friends are life’s golden rewards; 4. Avoid debt; and 5. If you are lucky, you will get old!"

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